Game summary

ChickenPods is a 1vs1 strategy game where your objective is to take care of a population of chicken.
But beware, chicken have their own will and their own desire.

Your challenge is to use your powers to make the environment more pleasant, and by the way ... to hinder the development of your opponent's population. With a good strategy, adapted to the generation of the card, you can have many pools that will allow you to win the game.

Can you find the best strategy ?!

Latest game news

Tutorial version is ready


With the new site, you now have access to the game tutorial. This is the ideal session to start learning the game.

New website redesign


The ChickenPods site has been redesigned to showcase the game and have easier access to the game.

Exemple jeu ChickenPods-0

What is behind ChickenPods

ChickenPods is a video game designed in partnership with the University of Lille. Several algorithms have been developed in cooperation to improve the game and develop its originality. Indeed, in ChickenPods, a new environment is created with each new game. This generation uses the principles of probability and random geometry.
But that's not all. Hens also need a complex algorithm to describe their movement. This time, it is by appealing to the principles of neural networks that hens have their own will.